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What Is Rex Global Oil And Gas Trading Platform And Why Use It ?

Rex Global Oil and Gas Trading is a new-age oil & gas brokerage platform that has emerged as a favored and trusted market place for an increasing number of oil and gas RWA (Ready, Willing, and Able) traders. This is not without some exciting reasons though. The chances of successfully closing a deal is extremely high trading through this platform. Wholly owned, maintained, and serviced by REX GLOBAL OIL, the platform has absolutely no place for “wanderers”!! While trying to keep things simple in an otherwise extremely complex trade and yet maintain transparency, our highly regarded professional team ensures the smoothest experience through each deal the buyer or seller wishes to engage in. Most importantly, Buyers as well as Sellers on board  this platform are 100% vetted and verified. Traders have to undergo a stringent background check by the platform compliance team, and the platform makes sure that all traders are financially capable of transacting business with each other without hiccups or inconveniences. Although its a bit tough to get on board this platform, once here, there is no looking back. 

Our indefatigable team works flawlessly to meet timelines set by the traders and engages itself in every aspect of the transaction process to ensure the smooth passage of each deal. A lot of times negotiations are necessitated due to differences in acceptable transaction procedures. Our expert team fully understands such situations and are always available extending facilitation between buyers and sellers to arrive at mutually acceptable transaction procedures. 


The platform provides ample elbow room for qualified Buyers and Buyer’s signatory Mandates worldwide who meet the financial criteria required to purchase petroleum products. The platform principally works for those who submit their buy requirements as well as sell offers online for review by the platform’s experts. The submission forms are designed in a manner that helps receive maximum relevant information from both buyers as well as sellers. This helps in two ways : 

1.) It ensures the applicant is serious and at the same time has the capacity to transact.

2.) It helps save precious time. 

Global Oil & Gas Trading Platform is one of the choicest emerging trade platforms in this sector. Our team has consistently delivered its efficient services resulting in successful closure of deals between traders. The growing number of registered traders using this platform is a testimony of its brilliant performance.   

The platform guarantees straight forward business deals between parties and avoid long chains of shady intermediaries. A good number of excellent oil and gas storage as well as logistics companies are steadily joining the platform to offer their services to the traders. There is plenty of relevant information available through the platform which adds to the feeling of security among all participants. While it boasts of openness, the platform  also unfailingly ensures complete confidentiality for all traders and other service providers.